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Cookies and milk

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I run so bad.
  SfydjkLm, Jul 27 2010

While you fags are playing SC2 i am spending my time fixing up my PC. It started broking down 2 days before the release and keeps breaking down at regular intervals. (i am at a 3rd repair already).
I swear if i wasnt so good at life i'd already be dead!

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(my) FTP -> (your) stars
  SfydjkLm, Feb 02 2010

Need like 250-300ish.

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Movie Recommendation.
  SfydjkLm, Nov 13 2009

A while ago i pitched the movie Butterfly Effect(_director's cut_) to k2o4 and he seemed to like it. Well tonight i've decided to take a chance on recommending another movie.

Remember the Bucket List? That movie with 2 of the greatest actors of our generation that, when just came out made the coveted IMDB top 250? You probably do. But did you know that it was a remake? And that it was complete garbage?
You probably didnt. Given that this information is never mentioned, or that only 6 thousand people have cast their votes in favor of Knockin' on Heaven's Door IMDB or the fact that it is made in Germany instead of Hollywood.

This movie is exactly what you would expect it to be. An unadulterated Bucket List, brutal in its truth, but funny. There are no miracles, no breaks, no rich guys to give you happy endings.
Granted it does have comedic value to it, and the protagonists do get into a whole amplitude of dubious situations, it still remains true to itself, true to its message.
Well, don't listen to me mumbling, just watch. It's one of the most important movies of the last century you might've overlooked!
Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

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